Windsor-Orange 2 in the House

January 9, 2015

Friday was a very proud day in the Statehouse for our legislative district.  Each legislative session begins with a “devotional.”  Usually devotions are a member of the clergy providing some inspirational remarks or a prayer.  This morning Thetford’s very own master cellist Margaret Gilmore accompanied pianist Kathi Tarrant of Barnard in playing the deeply moving “Peace on Earth, A Thrush Singing in Deep-Woods.”  It was a piece composed by Kathy Eddy of Braintree in the wake of 9/11.  More than a couple of legislators were moved to tears by the beauty and grace of the composition and Margaret’s playing in particular.  Sublime.  Jim did a nice job introducing Margaret and her husband Howard Sussman, who was seated in the gallery, to the House.

 Friday afternoon, Norwich’s Rebecca Holcombe, the Secretary of Education, gave a spectacularly good presentation to the legislature on the need for education reform.  After her presentation, at a time of the week when most legislators are running to their cars for the commute home, Rebecca was mobbed by state reps looking for her input.  She’s a rock star.  If there’s a more respected public servant than Secretary Holcombe in Montpelier, I have yet to meet them.



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