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Special Session

The General Assembly adjourned sine die ("without day") on Sunday, May 13th at 12:18am. A sine die adjournment is the formal signal from the legislature that our work is done for the term.

Governor Scott disagreed. The governor signaled his displeasure with the legislature's budget by calling the General Assembly back to a Montpelier for a Special Session starting today. The governor will likely veto the budget in the next few days, and the budget is one piece of must-pass legislation for the year. For some perspective on how we got here, I offer these three links:

Public Assets Institute on May 9th

Addison Independent on May 14th

Seven Days Vermont on May 16th

Legislative tidbit: A Special Session is a whole new legislative term, not the continuation of the work from earlier in the year. As of today, there are no existing bills on the calendar -- the first bill introduced will be H.1 in the House and S.1 in the Senate. Unlike a Veto Session in which the only thing the legislature can act upon is a bill that the governor has vetoed, a Special Session is a blank slate and any legislation can be taken up and adopted by a simple majority of legislators. While I do expect a handful of bills to be acted upon in addition to the must-pass budget, this legislation will likely be non-controversial legislation that we ran out of time to address in the regular session.


I'm doing a little catching up on posting pictures with some of these being from earlier in the spring.

Right: John Echeverria testified before the House Natural Resources Fish & Wildlife Committee on March 28th in favor of my NewVistas resolution H.R.20. The full House adopted the resolution on April 27th.

Left: Eagle Scout ceremonies are the best. On April 7th, Eagle Scout Nathaniel Perron received his pin from parents Christine and Kevin at the Thetford Congregational Church.

Right: I hope you didn't miss the wonderful production of 1776 at the Briggs Opera House in April. This is the cast on April 14th, closing night. Spectacular work done by Katie Kitchel (John Hancock) and Perry Allison in pulling the show together. Show stopping numbers were performed by Jenn and Gunnar Langhus. Current and former politicians and academics were invited to lead a discussion following each performance on political compromise and working together in contentious times.

Left: The undefeated, state championship boys basketball team from The Sharon Academy was at the State House on April 10th to hear a resolution (H.C.R.307) Jim and I introduced in their honor. Head coach Blake Fabrikant is holding the trophy.

Right: Rocky Fuller and Curt Albee were in the State House in April. The Strafford Town House was awarded a Historic Preservation Grant to support the preservation of the steeple.

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Jim Masland and Tim Briglin were elected to represent the Windsor-Orange 2 district towns of Norwich, Sharon, Strafford, and Thetford in the Vermont House of Representatives.  Their current two-year term is for 2021-2022.


Jim Masland is serving his eleventh term in the Statehouse and is a member of the Ways & Means Committee.


Tim Briglin is serving his third term in the Statehouse and is the Chair of the Energy & Technology Committee.


You can find Jim and Tim's seats in the General Assembly by clicking here.  Their seat numbers are #82 and #93, respectively.


The Vermont State Legislature's website has a tremendous amount of information.  On the site, you will find information about all state representatives and state senators, bills and resolutions that have been introduced, hearing schedules and reports for House and Senate Committees, information about visiting the Statehouse, links to Vermont Statutes and Vermont's Constitution, and links to other branches of state government.