• Tim Briglin

Windsor-Orange 2 COVID-19 update (3/24/20)

Town Leaders,

I'll keep it short this evening because there was not much to report on the policy front today......until 5:00pm when the Governor issued his "stay at home" order effectively closing all businesses and non-profits in the state as of tomorrow at 5pm.

You can read the directive here. I recommend it to you. It lays out who is exempted and how long it's in effect.

Today, the House did a great deal of work understanding the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on state finances. It is not pretty, to say the least. Until it is clear how, and how much, federal funding will flow down to the states, it is unclear how devastating this crisis will be to state (and municipal and school) budgets. I'll share more on this as it becomes more clear in coming days.

Tomorrow, the House will be adopting the legislation I've described in some previous emails -- unemployment insurance changes, Open Meeting Law changes, licensing changes for health care workers, and some other odds and ends. Stay tuned on what that looks like in its final form.

Take good care,


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