• Tim Briglin

Windsor-Orange 2 COVID-19 update (4/3/20)

Town leaders,

Not a huge amount of updating yesterday, so I chose to spare your mailboxes. Below is some updated information for your weekend reading:

First, Friday the Secretary of State's office announced a directive allowing a municipality to postpone municipal elections because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the announcement from the SOS's office. This may affect the school budget vote in Strafford and the Tracy Hall renovation project re-vote. Second, I came across this document directed at school financial managers. If you've already seen this and are receiving it, great. Looks like it is being updated once or twice a week to address FAQs in school finance.

Third, the Attorney General released additional guidance for law enforcement regarding enforcing the governor's emergency orders. Here is the memorandum from the AG.

Fourth, here is the unabridged State Emergency Operations Center report for Friday. While this is a daily report, I only include it a couple of times per week because of its length. It is interesting reading because it goes into the minutiae of the emergency planning work the state is undertaking. One of the figures I watch most closely in this report is the number of statewide ICU beds occupied/available.

Have a healthy weekend,


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