Mind the gap......redux

Some of the veteran legislators in the State House called this the most difficult legislative session in memory, primarily in reference to this year’s budget challenges. While it’s little consolation if a program you depend on has been cut or a tax you pay has been increased, states around the country are facing similar budgetary challenges to Vermont’s and are reaching for similar mechanisms to get their budgets in-line. Red states like Kansas and Alabama are pushing through record tax increases while blue states like Illinois and Washington are cutting state pensions. As federal aid to states is withdrawn in the wake of the Great Recession, and as economic growth continues to limp along


Best ways to reach Tim:



Cell: (802) 384-8256

Home: (802) 785-2414

Best ways to reach Jim:



Home: (802) 785-4146



Jim Masland and Tim Briglin were elected to represent the Windsor-Orange 2 district towns of Norwich, Sharon, Strafford, and Thetford in the Vermont House of Representatives.  Their current two-year term is for 2019-2020.


Jim Masland is serving his eleventh term in the Statehouse and is a member of the Ways & Means Committee.


Tim Briglin is serving his third term in the Statehouse and is the Chair of the Energy & Technology Committee.


You can find Jim and Tim's seats in the General Assembly by clicking here.  Their seat numbers are #82 and #93, respectively.


The Vermont State Legislature's website has a tremendous amount of information.  On the site, you will find information about all state representatives and state senators, bills and resolutions that have been introduced, hearing schedules and reports for House and Senate Committees, information about visiting the Statehouse, links to Vermont Statutes and Vermont's Constitution, and links to other branches of state government.